MTV 2006 Video Music Awards

· Best Video Game Score (nomination)

Gamespy 2006 Game of the Year Awards

· Winner: Best Music of the Year

Gamespot 2006 Awards

· Best Original Music (nomination)

IGN Best of 2006 Awards

· Best Original Score (nomination)

The 2006 Movie Music UK Awards

· Special Mention: Best Video Game Score

2006 Game Audio Network Guild Awards

· Music of the Year (nomination)

· Best Instrumental Theme (nomination)


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  2. Starwars: The Clone Wars -- music featured in Season V Trailer (2013)

  3. Hoodwink (E-One Studio / EA Origin), 2012

  4. The Putt Putt Syndrome (Verite Films), 2010

  5. Eridian (Video Helper), 2007

  6. Anarchy Online: Lost Eden (Funcom / Funcom), 2007

  7. Dreamfall: The Longest Journey (Funcom / Aspyr), 2006

Concert Performances

  1. Oslo Studio Orchestra and Choir, Play! A Video Game Symphony, October 26th, 2007

  2. Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, Leipzig Games Convention, August 23rd, 2006


  1. Dreamfall: The Longest Journey – Buy on iTunes


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"a haunting soundtrack, "Dreamfall" feels more like a feature film than a standard adventure game"

John Breeden, The Washington Post

"Leon Willett has done for Dreamfall what John Williams and Danny Elfman have given to Hollywood"

Mike Kendrick, The Gateway

"The music, composed by the one and only Leon Willett, is amazing"

Kristian Whitaker, Thirteen1 Magazine

"fantastic composer"

"some of the best orchestral music to ever grace a video game"

"a magical orchestral score"

Ragnar Tornquist, Creative Director, Funcom

"an amazing and ambitious soundtrack"

"The music in Dreamfall wasn't just a selection of nicely composed orchestral pieces -- it was a score"

Greg Kasavin,

"This is some of the most dynamic, dramatic and well written orchestral writing that I have ever heard in a video game"

Joe Hammond, Square Enix Music

"There is a combination of everything in this score: mystery, suspense, action, and of course adventure. I look forward to hearing what he does next"

Joe Bat, Movie Music UK

“There haven't been many videogame soundtracks I'd actually listen to separate from the game itself, but this is one”

Allen Rausch,

"Like some great score for a feature film, the music in Dreamfall is an integral part of the experience from start to finish"

Greg Kasavin,


"The haunting melodies are sure to keep gamers replaying just for the ear candy!!!"

Darren Davis,

"The music truly sells the Dreamfall universe. I could definitely see myself picking up the soundtrack for this game"

Will Stanley,

"breath-taking music"

Terry Mesnard,

"The music is amongst the best to have been included in a game for a while"

Chris Snook,

"This is one of the few games I've played that left me wondering when the soundtrack would be available"

Matt Eberle,

"This is one of the few games I've played that left me wondering when the soundtrack would be available"

Matt Eberle,

"The music was amazing"

Becky Young,


"potentially my favorite game soundtrack of the past few years"

James Morton,


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