Skype Film Scoring Lessons

Teaching Times

Due to my composing schedule, I only teach for a few hours each week, on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings, Central European Timezone. I’ll keep the following tables updated:


Pricing and Lesson Format

The lessons cost €300 per month for weekly lessons, with payment via paypal on the day of the first lesson of the month. The lessons are given over Skype with real-time screen sharing. This means we are looking at the same material in real time, just like an in-person lesson.

Lesson Content

I teach an intensive course in orchestral composition, film-scoring styles/devices and midi mockups. The materials and course content are unique and not available in any books or schools.

The foundation for this course is a deep study of harmony, counterpoint and orchestration.

  1. The Harmony Course is about 22 weeks long. What is harmony? When you hear soaring melodies, gut-wrenching climaxes, thrilling chases... it is actually harmony that is playing a huge part in driving everything forward. Without great underlying harmony, all the orchestral fireworks and acrobatics seem empty and unjustified.

  2. The Counterpoint Course usually takes about 14 weeks to complete. What is counterpoint? When you hear several independent musical elements–each beautiful in it’s own right–come together into a balanced, elegant and even more beautiful whole... that is counterpoint at work.

  3. The Orchestration Course usually takes about 24 weeks to complete. What is orchestration? When every part is written so it falls under the fingers of the players in an easy, confident way; when each musical element is carried by an instrument combination that is a perfect match for its inherent character; when the music sounds elegant, clear and balanced... that is orchestration at work.

I also teach film score styles/devices and midi mockups.

  1. The Midi Mockups course is about 16 weeks long. I share all the techniques necessary in order to turn a computer running sample libraries into an incredibly expressive and realistic symphony orchestra.

  2. I teach Film Score Styles & Devices based on specific cues that you bring to the lesson. We transcribe/reduce the music and understand it fully, which enables us to emulate the device in our own writing. For a few examples of this, see my blog.

If you are interested in taking a course, please get in touch.

Friday Teaching Slots

3:00 pm - TAKEN

4:15 pm - TAKEN

5:30 pm - TAKEN

6:45 pm - AVAILABLE - click to book!

8:00 pm - TAKEN

One-off lessons

- Get in touch to book a one-off lesson (click to book) -- 75 Euros -- We can use a free slot from above, or a gap from a lesson cancellation.








Saturday Teaching Slots

9:00 am - TAKEN

10:15 am - TAKEN

11:30 am - TAKEN

12:45 pm - TAKEN